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HUGE congratulations to our winners of the 2022 WA Health Hackathon - HACKULES!

Well done to Broderick McCallum-Hee, Keaton Wright, Riley Croxford on all your hard work and for delivering a fantastic healthcare solution!

UWA Medical Physics won the Hackathon for the second year in a row.

They took home $10,000 in Amazon Web Services (AWS) credits and $5000 cash, thanks to idoba.

Hackules tackled 'Early Detection of Sepsis' and came up with a data-driven model that can identify patients at risk of developing sepsis. Using emergency department/hospital data and triage notes they were able to detect potential sepsis cases quickly so clinicians can make informed decisions for patient care. This solution has the potential to be easily integrated into current processes to identify at-risk patients earlier, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.


For more information visit our

Twitter: @MedicalUwa


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