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Quantitative Imaging: Exploring Beyond Simple Display of Medical Images

Sometimes limited accuracy of medical images prevents them from being widely used in important applications such as targeted radionuclide therapy, radiotherapy, early diagnosis, prognosis prediction, or kinetic analysis.
Imaging is primarily used to determine the present condition of a patient, but Quantitative Imaging could allow clinicians to extract quantitative information from images in an effort to help identify disease earlier, predict prognosis, and assess treatment efficacy. 

In Quantitative Imaging the computers do more than just a display of digital images. They dig into the images and extract information about the abnormality seen on the images. This will provide the radiologist with a more accurate picture of the stage of the disease.
This method is particularly useful in cardiology and oncology where sequential scans are used over time to track the patient’s condition.


The Australian Centre for Quantitative Imaging

Unleashing the power of imaging analytics to support research, education and innovation

The Australian Centre for Quantitative Imaging (ACQI) will bring the power of quantitative imaging to researchers and bridge the translational gap to clinical implementation of associated analytics methods.

The centre will provide a creative hub for designing and experimenting with analytics methods, applying those methods to research questions, and mediating access to patient imaging data for innovation and commercialisation.

This highly collaborative centre will bring together expertise spanning medical and technical disciplines. Through national and international linkage, Western Australia will be placed at the leading edge of this rapidly developing field.

ACQI will facilitate training and workforce development in a rapidly expanding area of medicine. ACQI will be the conduit to provide Western Australian patients with access to novel technologies and techniques, which can benefit health outcomes with demonstrated cost-effectiveness.


Medical Imaging & Data Science Opportunities.

By: Prof. Martin Ebert, UWA Medical Physics Research Group



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