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Perth City: Perth is a growing city, home to more than two million people, located on the western edge of the Australian mainland. Changes to international flight routes will turn Perth into the gateway to Australia, bringing even more visitors, residents and exciting opportunities.

Kings Park is one of the biggest city parks in the world – bigger than Central Park in New York City – yet it's right in the heart of Perth. It grants epic views of the Swan and Canning rivers and the skyscrapers perched on their banks. Astonishingly tall, white-trunked trees line the entrance road to this inspiring patch of green, which has a treetop bridge, bushland trails, manicured gardens and cafés.

It's easy to get around the city by bus or train or on foot. Perth is a fantastic location and comes with wonderful lifestyle benefits.

Perth Beaches: Transparent blue water with astounding visibility meets sugary sand that seems to stretch on forever. Perth has more sunny days than any other capital city in the world. It has perfect beach-going weather and a population that happily obliges. Perth’s weather is one of our best features. Warm summers and mild winters let you make the most of the great outdoors

Perth Climate: Perth Australia has a sunny Mediterranean style climate with an average of eight hours of sunshine per day. Summers are hot and dry although not devoid of rain with occasional short lived thunder storms throughout the season. The hottest month is generally February, and the coolest is July and August. Winters are cool and wet, with most of Perth’s annual rainfall falling between May and September. Spring is a particularly lovely time to visit, with warm and clear conditions.

Population: Perth has a population of over 2 million people now and is a major city with continued strong growth projected – much of this growth being linked to popular lifestyle and career opportunities that this coastal capital offers. Perth is known as “The Lifestyle City.” 

City Leaving:  The City of Perth is dedicated to environmentally sound, sustainable living and is implementing many initiatives that make this a leading place to live. 

There is a sophisticated, stylish and international feel to the city with water surrounding it, lovely heritage and modern architecture and a beautiful collection of shops, restaurants, cafes and civic buildings in the well-designed centre.

Food, Wine and Produce:  Western Australia is world-famous for its incredible food and produce, wines, and wine regions where you can visit and stay too. 

For locals, this feels like a bonus to their already lovely Perth lifestyle – all the delights of the culinary world right there to enjoy. 

Nature Environment: Great accessibility allows the ideal mix of city, coast and country. 
The coast of Perth, plus both directions, North and South of the city, offer a truly spectacular natural playground to explore. Miles of white-sand beaches, with all the associated water activities -  and the simple pleasures of being able to walk along a beach, or dine with a view of the sea are uniquely accessible here.
There are national parks and reserves offering stunning walks and adventures to enjoy.
Of course, getting over to the world-famous Rottnest Island to interact with the cute little quokkas is on most people’s lists too!

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