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Master students must take:

Five core units, including:

  • Anatomy and Biology for Medical Physicists (ANHB5451)

  • Radiation Physics and Dosimetry (PHYS5404)

  • Radiation Biology and Protection (PHYS5402)

  • Medical Imaging Physics (PHYS5401); 

  • Radiotherapy Physics (PHYS5403)


And one to five optional units form this list:

  • Advanced Computational Physics [Machine Learning] (SHPC4002)

  • Computational Statistics for Physics (PHYS5513)

  • Computational Methods for Physics (SHPC4001)

  • Physics Reading Unit I (PHYS5512)

  • Computer Vision (CITS4402)


In addition to the following six research project units:

  • Research Proposal in Medical Physics (PHYS5435)

  • Master's Dissertation - Medical Physics Part 1 (PHYS5431)

  • Master's Dissertation - Medical Physics Part 2 (PHYS5432)

  • Master's Dissertation - Medical Physics Part 3 (PHYS5433)

  • Master's Dissertation - Medical Physics Part 4 (PHYS5434)

  • Final Dissertation in Medical Physics (PHYS5436)


Some international students or applicants with engineering or other relevant backgrounds may need to take four (or less- depending on the situation) of the following conversion units:

  • Quantum Physics and Electromagnetism (PHYS2001)

  • Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Physics (PHYS3001)

  • Computer Analysis and Visualisation (CITS2401)

  • Advanced Mathematical Methods (MATH2501)

  • Problem Solving and Programming (CITS1401)

  • Electrodynamics and Relativity (PHYS3002)

  • Frontiers in Modern Physics (PHYS3012)

  • Many Particle Systems (PHYS2002)

  • Mathematical Physics (PHYS3011)

  • Statistics for Science (STAT1400)


It is highly recommended that students take programming, statistics, modelling, and biology units in their undergraduate studies.

UWA International Master’s by Coursework Scholarships


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