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Semester-2/2022, Masters Proposal Presentations

On Wednesday 19th of October, eight UWA Medical Physics Master students presented their research proposals at SCGH Cancer Centre. Here are links to their presentations. We wish them success with their research projects.

Kapil MAHARAJ, (The peripheral dose outside the applicator in electron beams of a Varian linear accelerator)

Zhen CHEN, (Recommendation on optimal LINAC commissioning and Q.A. of collimator angle protocols and frequency based on LINAC specific radiation isocentre variability)

Christine  SINNOTT, (Modelling External Exposure from Nuclear Medicine Patients)

Jonathon LUMLEY, (Implementation of polymer gel dosimeters for clinical application)

Zhao REN, (Dosimetric Impact of the Multi-Leaf Collimator Sag During Treatments with Small Fields)

Ari JENKINSON, (3D-Printed Brachytherapy Nose Surface Applicators with Eye-Shielding for Clinical Use)

Andrew LEE, (Evaluation of Total Skin Electron Therapy Techniques)


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